Gregory Kammerer Painting

Gregory Kammerer Painting

Gregory Kammerer Painting


Gregory Kammerer’s paintings go beyond the place of reality. Although they are reality-based, they transcend the actual. His application of paint, his choice of colors, and his composition are mysterious and layered, making the light of the paintings translucent. Kammerer experiments yet his vision still stays strong. I have great admiration for the artist’s perseverance and dedication to his art.

-Gretchen Dow Simpson

Gregory Kammerer has an astonishing sense of light and atmosphere. To live with one of his landscapes is to bring something luminous, tranquil, and mysterious into your life.

-Cynthia and Tuck Shattuck

Kammerer’s art finds its base in nature but transcends the representational. There is no mistaking the feeling of wind, water, grasses and trees, sunlight’s reflection- but his paintings all create a mood as changeable as nature itself. Nothing is simple in his world: there is always an undercurrent of turmoil in his most serene works, always a layer of peacefulness in his most turbulent. He has an understanding of the almost ghostly evocations that the world can call forth. His works are as soothing as they are unsettling, dark and light conjoined, offering the viewer a range of interpretations.

-James Stolley

It seems to me that an artist is challenged to do so many things at once, to break new ground artistically and also to maintain some kind of connection with what has gone before. It is amazing to me how gracefully Kammerer manages to do both at once. His art resonates with traditions of American art and European impressionism, and yet it is also ground-breaking. It reminds me of a piece of music I’ve never heard before, but every note seems right. The other thing that seems so tough is to evoke beauty without trivializing or sentimentalizing. That may be why so many artists have given up on trying to evoke beauty at all. But Kammerer succeeds in doing just that.

-Linda Spitzfaden

Gregory Kammerer’s paintings inhabit the realm between defined and indefinite. They occupy the space where perception and thought reach their limits of resolution.

-John Shepley