• Gregory Kammerer Sailing
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine


I was born in 1955, and raised in Bronxville, New York. I never had intentions of becoming a painter, but it seemed like a fate I couldn’t escape. I majored in literature at Middlebury College, in Vermont. After two years, I decided to take some time off and moved to Montana for a year. There I bought an 89 cent set of Crayola watercolors and began to paint matchbook-size watercolors of that wide landscape.

Upon my return to college, I continued to paint until my graduation in 1978. I taught English at the secondary level for a few years in Chicago and New York City. It became clear to me that something wasn’t quite right when, instead of laboring over lesson plans, I found myself drawn to a crudely constructed drafting table to work at all hours on my watercolors. Upon discovery of painting I felt, for the first time, a sense of profound engagement in my work. I have been painting steadily ever since.

My understanding of landscape has been nourished by the environments I’ve lived in. I spent childhood summers on the Cape in Wellfleet. Over the years, the mountains, fields, lakes, and streams of the Adirondacks and northern New Hampshire and Vermont have greatly deepened my sense of place. My first studio was on Lopez Island in the Pacific Northwest, where my wife Annie and I moved just after we married in 1981. We lived on Lopez for four years and started our family there. Since then, we have lived on the Rhode Island coast where we raised our two children, Willa and Grey.